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The Biometric Flash Drive

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A biometric flash drive could well be the answer to your laptop security nightmares. They are both inexpensive and convenient. Convenience is a critical factor to consider. If a solution is complicated or a hassle, no matter how secure, it ends up gathering dust or becoming shelfware. So how do these gadgets fit into the overall laptop security picture? They actually cut across several important disciplines that are critical to maintaining laptop data security.

  • Beginning with the obvious, they are great backup devices. Not for use as a primary backup device, but when traveling they permit back ups that may otherwise be impossible. Laptop security depends on securing data by frequently backing it up, even when on the move.

  • Don't put confidential information on your laptop's hard drive. Strange thing to suggest? Rather than keep confidential and commercially sensitive data on a highly visible and attractive laptop, why not have that information "encrypted" on a flash drive? When you need to access the data, plug the drive into the USB port. Given their tiny dimensions, they can be inconspicuously tucked into a pocket or purse. In the event that a drive is lost or stolen you are still protected (a) encrypted flash drive (b) biometric access and (c) you will have backed up this critical data on a more substantial medium at home or at the office.

  • Passwords are the weakest link.

    • We forget them, we write them down.
    • We use the obvious and easily guess-able ones.
    • There is the risk of someone seeing you enter them.
    • They may even record them with a keylogger.

    Passwords can be stored and retrieved from biometric flash drives without any of these risks.

    Flash drives are a commodity item and the costs keep falling as the memory capacities keep increasing.

    The flash drive is an excellent example of how biometric devices are now affordable and being being purchased in volume by consumers and business to address security concerns.

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    Windows and other software programs store history about the different activities that you have performed on your computer and on the Internet. This information is stored in the system areas of your hard disk and the built-in Windows functions like 'Clear History' offer little protection as they can only partially delete this data. Anyone can take a look at your history and find out what you have been doing on your computer, and this raises serious privacy concerns.

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    Spyware and Adware is software made by publishers that allow them to snoop on your browsing activity, invade your privacy, and flood you with those horrible popups. If you are like most users on the internet, chances are you are probably infected with these applications. That is why we have designed our revolutionary product.

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